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Monday, March 12, 2012

With a Bit of Good Fortune

I believe whole-heartily in signs.  When life hits you hard in the forehead, well you better pay attention.  This is why over the course of the last month, I feel as though I have been called and I am ready to listen.
This past semester had tested me in emotional and mental stresses that I could have never imagined having to face.  But it was during the worst of my weeks that I realized my true calling. During that time I was recovering from a mental breakdown from personal problems. Not to mention I was completely drained from my new job at Chili's and endless mounds of school work.  I was sitting in the midst of a fresh mix of stress and sadness in a restaurant ironically called 'Harmony'.  But when I cracked open the fortune cookie I finally smiled. 

The fortune read: " You would make a good lawyer."  In my crazed mental state I stared to laugh out loud.  The stress of questioning my future career was nothing I needed at the time.  But as I began to think about it more seriously, I remembered my passion for law.  I remembered how I easily I abandoned my dream career because of the stress of financing law school on my own.  Then I decided that I could not let the burden of money restrict my opportunities.  Especially since I have gotten myself to the point that I am right now.

I want to be the voice for the voiceless.  That is the very simple reason behind my love of law.  When I was involved in a leadership program in high school, I remember being mesmerized when I sat in on trials.  I love the idea of defending the innocent, representing the greater good of all.  My passion is to help others and I could not think of a more fulfilling career path.  Sure at times it will be incredibly challenging and I will have to sacrifice a lot.  But I think that it is worth the struggle. 

Since the time I opened that fortune cookie, I opened my heart back open to follow my dream.  Ever since that moment, I felt my old self coming back.  I started liking the person I was again.  I wanted to turn my problems and mindset around and I accomplished just that.   

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Tenaya said...

Lovely! I really enjoyed reading this, and I am so glad that little fortune cookie gave you a moment of inspiration. Follow your dreams indeed!